Turbulence at the Shelly Beach Ski-Boat Club — Anton Gets resigns as Commodore


The Shelly Beach Ski-Boat Club has suddenly entered an extremely controversial period in its existence.   Commodore Anton Gets has resigned and been suspended from the club for six months.  A letter signed by Dick Pratt on behalf of the Club Committee says the reason for the steps are statements posted on his personal social media page which were ‘not only negative, but racist.’  These statements were gathered, collated and anonymously sent to officials of the Hibiscus Coast Municipality, ‘clearly with malicious intent.’

The letter furthermore states that Vice Commodore Pieter Bodenstein and Elmar Basson  ( Tournaments ) have both resigned from the committee, ‘as they need to, understandably for business reasons, distance themselves from any negative relations between the Club and the HCM.’  The committee has asked Mr. Gets to continue with his safety officer’s duties until the club’s Annual General Meeting  ( which he has agreed to do ) during his suspension.  The letter says Mr. Gets is the only registered safety officer at Shelly Beach, and as safety at sea is a high priority for the club, ‘it is essential that we have a qualified person as Safety Officer.’    ‘The remaining members of the committee will continue with their duties until the Annual General Meeting and members can be assured that the management of your club will continue to be on a sound basis.  We sincerely hope that Pieter and Elmar will be able to re-join the committee in the future, and this sad part of our history soon fades into the past.’

eHowz!t asked Anton Gets about the circumstances leading to the latest events…..



  1. This is so sad, Anton is a great person who goes out of his way to help a lot of people.Was always involved in numerous lost diver searches and was always willing to assist. This is a sad personal attack as facebook is littered with racial matter and the media is at the base of the problem. I hope Anton get re instated soon. The club lost a valuable person due to pettiness…

  2. I would like to know who this little prat is that has been squatting on the Ski Boat Club property so I can make a mental note to never do business with him.

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