Lower South Coast SPCA braces for New Year’s fireworks: Pet safety tips and emergency number



The next few nights are the hardest in the whole year for the SPCA. We receive more calls than we have staff to even attend to!

Please be patient with us and if you can then please help by just keeping a dog or cat safe until we can get to you.

Any cruelty relating to the use of Fireworks will be treated as a criminal act and we urge the public to help us by reporting illegal firework use.

SAPS and local security companies will be working together with the SPCA to arrest and prosecute anyone tied to animal cruelty resulting from their Fireworks!

Please call our emergency number 0832226355 for help!

The National Council of SPCAs remind all of the Explosives Act No 26 of 1956:

This law applies nationwide with no exceptions. It is unlawful to discharge any firework in any building, on any public thoroughfare or in any public place or resort without prior written permission of the local authority. (Section 10.34). Section 10.35 relates to public displays of fireworks and states that no person may do so on any premises without the written permission of the Chief Inspector of Explosives (commonly known as “having a permit”). This written permission will stipulate conditions and any non-compliance with them is a criminal offence.

In terms of the Explosives Act, no person shall allow or permit any children under the age of 16 to handle or use fireworks except under the supervision of an adult person. This Act is enforced by the South African Police Service (SAPS) not by the SPCA. Please report any offences to your nearest SAPS, giving as many details as you possibly can and quoting the Act name and number plus the relevant section as given above. IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE – PENALTIES ARE SEVERE. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO REPORT OFFENDERS.

Fireworks on Private Properties:
Whether or not it is legal to set off fireworks on a person’s own property is governed by the local by-laws. In some areas, no firework may be set off at any time without the written permission of the local authority. In other areas, it is permitted to set off fireworks on specified dates between certain times on domestic properties. Please check local by-laws and make sure the by-laws you examine or are referred to, are the most up-to-date ones.

Many Municipalities amended their by-laws recently specifically on the issue of fireworks. Your Council or your local SPCA should be knowledgeable on the situation in your area. In some areas, the discharging of fireworks could be an offence in terms of noise pollution. It is worth checking – and it is always worth reporting any untoward or hooligan use of fireworks. Discuss the matter with a local councilor, advise and call your security company and do not be afraid to submit complaints and reports to your local SAPS. Read more here: https://nspca.co.za/fireworks/


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