A wonderful, whale of a good news story — still making waves!


An amazing and most possibly unique rescue operation was carried out on the day before Christmas by members of the public, and others from the SA Police Service, KZN Wildlife, Parks Board, Netcare 911, Fire Brigade and the NSRI………they all co-operated in a joint effort to rescue a baby whale that had beached at near the site of the old Dawn View Hotel in Shelly Beach.  eHowz!t’s Lencel and Bev were there with their cameras, and this is their sights and sounds report……..



  1. Hi Lencil,
    After looking at your footage of the whale i am almost sure it was a pilot whale. Definitely not a humpback and definitely not a minkey.

    Not that it really matters…a whale is a whale and the end was amazing.

  2. Marilie Viviers on

    I was there along with my family since she washed out on the beach. Everyone helped. Even my 3 year old gave her Hello Kitty towel to cover it’s fin on the top. I must say, the public did most of the work as you can see here on the video. If it wasn’t for the holiday quests of Bondi Beach Resort, I don’t think she would have made it. Well done!!!

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