ANALYSIS: Business and government are finally getting it together over a decent growth strategy, with the old Roelf Meyer Cyril Ramaphosa team in action


By Ferial Haffajee

Back in the early nineties, the story of South Africa’s negotiated transition from apartheid to democracy was often told using the story of the friendship between then-ANC negotiator Cyril Ramaphosa and then-National Party negotiator Roelf Meyer.

Over a common interest in fly-fishing, the two men struck up a relationship that is often credited with getting the negotiation moving and manoeuvring these over the pot-holes of political intransigence.

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  1. Noooo!!!! Please not the Roelf/Rama-combo!! Last time they teamed up, we lost a whole country and civilization…
    But, luckely, seeing that Ferial Haffajee wrote it, there’s a good change that’s it merely lies…

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