The price of a Nanny State


Chris Moerdyk

In its wisdom, the Gauteng Department of Education wants to apply for permission to kick violent pupils out of school and not let them anywhere near a classroom ever again.

Which, in my opinion is the price one pays for being a nanny state.

Because you can’t smack a Grade 10 bully on the backside for pulling a knife on a Grade 5 who looks at him the wrong way, or even if he belts his teacher in the chops with a broomstick.

Nanny-statism decrees that one must never under any circumstances inflict corporal punishment on anybody least of all some smug little bastard in a school uniform who behaves as though he owns the world.

The nanny state answer to this impasse is now to kick the little bugger out of school and not let him back in again.

It does not take rocket science or even a double-figure IQ to work out what the consequence of this will be.

The ex-pupil will more than likely join a gang.

Without an education he has no chance in hell of becoming a solid citizen and credit to his community.

The proposal by those who claim to administer education in Gauteng is nothing short of complete insanity.

Frankly, I am beginning to get the feeling that government has given up on its job creation strategy and has formed a clandestine company called something like Gangsta Inc.

It make sense actually because our ruling party is creating so many laws, rules and regulations that are causing jobs to be lost, that investing in any company these days is not all that attractive.

But the crime business is looking really good and I suspect that the dividends must be enormous.

Ok, so maybe I am being silly, but not nearly as silly, you must admit, of this insane idea to ban violent pupils from schools.

I know I get into trouble when I talk about corporal punishment but history has shown that violence in schools can quite easily sorted by allowing teachers or even just the principal to give bullies and their ilk a fat smack on the bum.

And before I get inundated by that vocal minority who are against corporal punishment in schools, I agree with them that child abuse is a problem. I agree with them that beating the hell out of someone is wrong. But I argue that those cases where a swift smack on the backside turns into a grievous bodily harm, are the rare exception rather than the rule.

Not allowing corporal punishment in schools is certainly preventing a few pupils from being subject serious bodily harm but at the same time it is allowing far more thugs and bullies to inflict far greater damage on their fellow pupils on top of which they will end up as part of Gangsta Inc.

Quite simply we need to do the math. Overall, allowing corporal punishment will result in far less bodily harm when you look at the big picture.

I was protected from bullies at school because I knew they would get their comeuppance in the form of a sore backside.

Kids today have no protection whatsoever from bullies. Which is why it is such a huge problem.

The innocent are being punished while the perpetrators are being protected.



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