Letter to the editor: ‘Don’t be fooled by the DA’


Dear Editor,

Its election time now. The Democratic Alliance has reached a new low in its campaign. Its using the  “Swart Gevaar” scare tactics of its ancestors to galvanise white South Africans to support it.

The DA’s new poster reads “Stop the ANC & EFF ”

This poster is misleading and is designed to once again fool loyal members and supporters of the DA.  They are really desperate.  The rising popularity of the ANC under the leadership of President Cyril Ramaphosa is causing the DA leadership much discomfort.   They are so desperate that they forget that right now they are in bed with the EFF as coalition partners in  at least 2 metros and some councils.

Serious DA members and supporters  must question the logic of their leaders purely on principle as to how their  vote for the DA in 2016 ended up giving them the right to form an alliance with the EFF?  What this means then is that those who voted DA in 2016 contributed to giving Malema the power and platform to grow the EFF’s racist anti white  party based on its party leaders well documented comments on whites and Indians.

Stop misleading South Africans. Voters are wiser now. They know that the DA leader is no contest to Ramaphosa.  They also know that Ramaphosa is the best candidate for the presidency.  In fact one former DA supporter chuckled this week  that he wouldn’t be surprised if Musi Maimane himself voted for Ramaphosa secretly. Why is this so? Well its simple, South Africans know that right now South Africa is Safer in  the hands of Ramaphosa. He has the charisma, the  experience,  political wisdom and the will  to do what is right in making SA a place we can all be proud of and call home . He has the gravitas needed as  well as the respect of South Africans  across all communities .  In fact more and more white and Indian South Africans are looking to Ramaphosa for leadership.  Many among these are former DA supporters.

Can the DA explain why its most senior leader in the KZN Province  left the party to join the ANC. . Well known former KZN  DA Provincial  leader  Sizwe Mchunu has resigned and at least a further 5 DA KZN councillors want to be led by President Ramaphosa Why?

Why is the former National Leader of the DA Lindiwe Mazibuko no longer in the party? Again the answer is simple, they all see that the ANC and Ramaphosa are serious about uniting and building a truly non racial society. They also know that the alliance or relationship with the EFF went against the will of the thousands of DA Supporters. Unknowingly all of you who voted DA gave Malema the power he needed to be where he is today. With this power he is  making racist inflammatory statements against minorities and white people in particular.  The DA has not done anything about this. Can you once again with a clear conscience support the DA?  Certainly Not. Why give Malema the ammunition and support he needs to threaten you in violation of the constitution?

You are safe with  Ramaphosa, he promised to tackle corruption, the ANC made this a priority.  He promised to fix the SOEs, he is currently dealing with it. He has already set in motion a chain of events an actions against those found wanting including those associated with the ANC. All of  this in an effort, to rebuild the country ,grow the economy and ensure that every South African, black and white are protected as is enshrined in the Freedom Charter and the Constitution.

On 8 May give Ramaphosa your  vote with a strong mandate to the ANC to bring our country back on the path  that Mandela set for us so that all South Africans can live and work in peace and harmony.

Selvan Chetty

ANC spokesperson






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  1. Selvan Chetty, your attempts at spin doctoring by selecting individual items is ludicrous .
    Re Malema and his hate speech, you blame the DA for not doing anything about it. It is the ANC who control the Police services and prosecution department. Why has no charge been brought against Malema and EFF for discharging an automatic rifle at a political gathering, why have no charges been brought against Floyd for benefiting from corruption at VBS, and against those municipal officials who, against Treasury policy , deposited monies in VBS . The ANC is mired in corruption from the top and yet you gloss over the facts and try to convince the electorate that all will be sorted out after the election. Those specifically mentioned , i.e. Ace Magashula are presently in the highest positions in the ANC, put there by the likes of the party faithful who are fearful of the consequences of their actions and will thwart Ramaphosa at every turn in order to stay out of jail, the rot runs very deep and I personally fear that a healthy recovery for the body of the ANC is not possible.

  2. Danny Chetty on

    Well written Selvan my brother however it’s the Democratic Alliance right to have an Alliance and relationship with the Red Berets although it’s a contradiction of sorts, even having Premier Helen Zille visit the Gupta’s or accept monies is their right however wrong it looks, and our Prayer is that The DA, ANC and other parties begin a process of self correction and may the path to exposing these serious errors of judgement continue as is being done via the Commission’s . In the City of Durban alone many untouchables have been arrested at least ten officials and scores more to be taken in. The racist language of some parties , anarchy and Mayhem please ensure that your party too doesn’t have these contradictory alliances as you say, South Africans won’t be fooled. I wish the DA, ANC and all parties a safe, free and fair elections not forgetting my former town , beautiful South coast. From Danny Chetty

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