Perspective: Has the bell tolled for broad based BEE?


By Port Shepstone law firm Barry, Botha and Breytenbach:

“My business is reliant on a good BEE certificate and I try and keep my ear to the ground about changes that may affect my business. Recently there seems to have been quite an active debate about the proposed new amendments to the BEE Codes. I must say, many of them seem quite positive. So what is all the fuss about?”

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  1. Olliver Ransome on

    If the State is unwilling to put such a time limit on this legislation, I believe that there are only three logical conclusions one can draw: a. it wants one group to dominate another, or b. it believes that one group will never be able to catch up. Neither of these two conclusions is tolerable. A third may be that the State feels it to be an impossible task to determine exactly when the practice (of AA) can stop; in this case, the least it can do is define measurable milestones of achievement so that all citizens can see where they stand and Government can be measured against its own criteria.

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