Urgent warning from Sheppie SAPS to be vigilant when withdrawing money at ATMs and making online or cellphone transactions



Port Shepstone SAPS would like to caution the public to always be vigilant when withdrawing funds from ATM’s or when making online or cellphone transactions.

Purchasing vehicles,  pets and other expensive items  off the internet has left many people empty handed. A pet is advertised, funds are requested to be deposited into a bank account and the pet is never delivered. The contact number listed no longer works and the bank account has been closed. Fraudsters use the same trick when selling vehicles. The public  is strongly  advised to purchase vehicles from registered vehicle dealers if possible or to verify the authenticity of the deal before parting with their hard-earned money. Be careful of fictitious/copycat websites or SMS’s that request personal information such as passwords and identity numbers  in order to access bank accounts and personal records in order to commit fraud.


Never share your Bank card PIN with anyone.

Never assume that your that your card has been retained by the ATM, contact the bank immediately and request that your card be blocked.

ATM Bank telephone numbers are usually made available at the ATM where the transaction is currently being made.

Ensure that you possess your original card after each transaction at point of sale or ATM.

Don’t be distracted while using an ATM, rather cancel the transaction, remove you card and walk away.

Always cover the keypad when inserting your PIN code and be aware of strangers who offer to help.

Ensure that you are familiar with your Bank Statements and alert the bank immediately should you suspect a transgression for investigation.


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