Girlfriend runs over boyfriend in Margate


eHowzit received the following report as a  ‘citizen news item’ from Leon Maree in Margate:


“Here are the events of Monday afternoon.

I was driving north in Margate Drive at about four pm. As I got to the corner of Kent Rd I saw a man lying in the road in the right-hand lane. I stopped and then I noticed a car approaching from the opposite side. I went to ascertain the condition of the man that was lying in the road and I could immediately see that he had been run over. The car that was approaching from the opposite side stopped and a young girl got out of the car and informed me that it was her boyfriend that was lying in the road and that she was the one that had run him over.

 I phoned 1011 and reported the accident to the police and requested that they please send an ambulance as the man had serious injuries. By now other people had arrived on the scene and we were waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

About five minutes later I got a call from a person saying they were the ambulance crew and if I could please direct them to the scene of the accident. I started by saying he must get to the corner on Marine And Bank Street when he asked me where Marine Drive is. When I expressed my surprise that an ambulance driver did not know the main road in Margate he informed me that he was not from this area and that he had no idea of where he had to go. I suggested that he should go back to his base and get somebody that knew the area to respond. The driver then told me that I was over reacting and that I should calm down.

I disconnected the call and phoned my office in Uvongo to please call for an ambulance.

About twenty minutes later a paramedic vehicle, two ambulances and the police arrived on the scene. With all that help on hand I then got in my car and left.

I am very worried that it would appear that our ambulances do not have a GPS installed to assist the drivers to get to a point as soon as possible.  My biggest concern is the fact that whoever is in charge of these people can put out a crew out in an ambulance without any knowledge of the area.  This could lead to fatalities.”


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