Catastrophe averted, but LSC SPCA still needs help for injured mules


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A catastrophe has been averted in the case of the over 50 mules and sheep took in by the Lower South Coast SPCA last week.

The local SPCA stepped in after the animals were seen being transported in horrendous conditions on Tuesday. One had already been trampled to death in the truck and many were left hurt.

A cry for donations was answered by many community members and the staff rallied admirably to provide care for the animals. They have now left the Lower South Coast SPCA but the organisation still needs support as it will continue to treat the injured mules.

The Lower South Coast SPCA said in a statement, “Eight injured animals have been taken to a local farm where they need to undergo daily treatment (antibiotic injections, L and wound care) in the hopes of healing some severe leg injuries.

“They will stay under the care of the Lower South Coast SPCA until they are fully recovered. The remaining healthy mules and sheep have now continued their journey to Kokstad, but this time they were transported correctly and arrived safely under the watchful eye of Kokstad SPCA.

“Thank you to all of you that donated towards their care. It has made a huge difference and allowed us to keep the injured animals from being left to suffer or die.

“We still need to feed and treat the remaining eight mules for at least six to eight weeks so your continued support is greatly appreciated. Thank you to such a wonderful and caring community.”

To support the Lower South Coast SPCA, phone them on 039 317 3362/039 312 0962 or 083 222 6355.

Donations can be made to:

Lower South Coast SPCA
Acc no: 1184618100
Branch Code: 198765
Type: Current


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