Close call for man caught in strong rip currents at unprotected Toti beach



NSRI are informed that eThekwini lifeguards rescued an adult man caught in strong rip currents and who was being swept out to sea in rough sea conditions at a beach not protected by lifeguards at Amanzimtoti (on Saturday).

The 3 lifeguards are commended for their efforts negotiating rough sea swells and strong currents to reach the man who they brought safely ashore and who was not injured.

NSRI are urging the public to swim at beaches only where and when lifeguards are on duty and swim in the protected area marked by the lifeguards using their red and yellow flags.

The full moon Spring Tide – a higher than normal high tide and lower than normal low tide, remains in effect for the duration of this long weekend and into most of next week and public caution is advised.


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