Complete Ramasgate route and class details revealed


All routes for the inaugural RAMASGATE hard enduro have been completed and been pre-ridden to get input from the required level of riders.

This valuable information has helped the Natal WFO Enduro Association, organisers of the event, to “tweak” the routes to make it even better for the Hobby, Expert, Pro and Adventure bike routes

This event is taking place on 9-10 of November from Chertsey farm, 20km outside Matatiele, providing the perfect venue close to the Lesotho Border post, RAMASGATE.

The whole spirit of this event is to provide a unique opportunity for all forms of dirt bikers to enjoy this weekend. Riders are able to camp at the venue in the tented village at a cost of R300.00 or bring your own tent.

Enjoy a Matat braai on Friday night followed by a spit braai on Saturday night, a RAMASGATE signature Golf Shirt and awesome riding all included in the entry fee of R750. That’s what you call value for money, like no other. For non-riders the cost for the Matat braai is R100.00pp and Sheep on the Spit R120.00pp.

RAMASGATE is setting its goal to be the best one-day hard enduro weekend in Africa while at the same time giving hobby class riders and adventure bikers the ultimate riding experience, without the “racing” pressure, so that they can enjoy the experience.

On Friday there will be a time trial for those serious riders who want a better start position for the Saturday ride. All the classes will start and finish at Chertsey farm with the Saturday route comprising of three stages with all classes doing the same Stage 1 and Stage 3, apart from the Adventure class that have their specific adventure class route.

Stage 1 starts in the form of a mass start in rows of riders determined from the previous days’ time trial and ends at the RAMASGATE decontrol where all riders will do their passport checks.

From there the Expert, Pro and Adventure bike classes will complete their specific class route as part of Stage 2 which ends back at the RAMASGATE. The Hobby Class do not do Stage 2 but have a three-hour decontrol to joy ride and spectate in Lesotho. All classes will then start Stage 3 which follows a nice flowing route back to the finish.

Hobby Class
The Hobby Class has been designed for the lower Bronze rider/fun rider who maybe has not got the fitness, as he most probably works for a living, but wants an enjoyable less stressful ride. The route will comprise of enjoyable flowing sections in Stage 1 from the start to the RAMASGATE refuel.

The Hobby Class will have a three-hour decontrol at the RAMASGATE refuel where they will be able to ride at their leisure to various silver and gold spectator points to encourage the riders. The Hobby Class Stage 3 will start when they join the expert and pro riders in the final racing stage home which is a nice flowing section down to the finish

Expert Class
The Expert Class has been designed to cater for riders that are at Silver Roof of Africa level and above average bronze rider. The expert loop will start at RAMASGATE and be a different loop than the Pro Class, completely on GPS tracks testing a silver rider’s technical ability and fitness in order to complete Stage 2 and receive their RAMASGATE signature medal at the finish.

Pro Class
The Pro Class is going to be really tough and if you consider yourself to be a top 30 Roof of Africa rider then this class is for you. This route in the words of Martin of Romaniacs, is not for “pussies” so bring your A Game.

Steep climbs and tricky downhills will provide you with some interesting riding challenges and may need the riders to overcome some of their personal weaknesses, like fear of heights, in order to complete this section. Organisers intend to have 10 finishers who are deserving of the tailor made RAMASGATE Rock as a reward for their achievements.

In order for the organisers to be sure that riders entering the expert loop, have the technical ability there will be a Pro signature climb in racing section 1 whereby they will earn their Gold Ticket to enter the pro route. If you don’t have a gold ticket you will have to do the expert loop.

Adventure Bikes
The adventure bike routes have been designed for the ultimate adventure rider who would like a scenic ride in the beautiful Lesotho Mountains that is designed specifically for adventure bikes.

The Adventure bike route starts and finishes with the other classes and basically runs along/near to the Hobby, Expert and Pro routes enabling adventure riders to stop along the way at many spectator points. This route is going to be awesome from the comments and pictures that have been received from the adventure bike route directors.

After an enjoyable day of riding for all riders, everyone will celebrate in true Matatiele style on Saturday night with a few sheep on the spit at the Matatiele Country Club with some interesting biker entertainment and presentation of RAMASGATE finishers Rock or signature medals.

To enter, click here, and for more information, contact Nadine on 073 990 3698.

The lowdown on Ramasgate route and classes
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