Creston learners pay unforgettable visit to Holocaust Centre


Ciara Manilal

The Creston College Grade 9s visited the Holocaust and Genocide Centre in Durban recently.

Not only did we learn about World War II, we learnt about the struggle of the Jews, the poverty, starvation, life in the ghettos, the amount of people that were killed and the list goes on.

After a discussion in the seminar room and our tour of the exhibition, we placed a stone in the garden to commemorate all the children that were not given a burial during the Holocaust.

One of the highlights of the exhibition was seeing a replica of Anne Frank’s room – the one where Anne and her family were hiding in for over two years in Amsterdam. This room was situated behind a bookshelf and we had the opportunity to go inside which was an amazing experience.

I think that every Grade 9 student can agree that this excursion was a really inspiring and eye-opening experience. We learnt so much but the most important lesson that we learnt was to be grateful for everything that we have because after seeing the life of the Jews, we were heartbroken, but at the same time felt a lot of gratitude. The second thing we learnt was to always stand up for what we believe in and not to be a bystander. We all have a voice for a reason and our voices matter.

As Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

On behalf of all the Grade 9 students, we would like to thank Mrs de Bruin, Mr Snyman, and Mr Kruger for making this unforgettable experience happen.


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