Fun outing for Creston youngsters, College talent show time


The Creston Grade 00’s had an outing to Mrs Gutzeit’s house last week. The children toured the house to make sure all the different rooms were there, and all of them managed to squeeze into the shower!

They had fun playing in the treehouse and exploring the garden. As a treat, all the children were allowed a little something special in their snack. What a wonderful way to finish learning about homes!

The Junior Primary pupils, meanwhile, are happy with their new resources. We have had new Creston chess boards printed and have bought new Grade 3 library books.

Popular classic like The Famous Five, Middle School and The Secret Seven Series have been recently added to our library.

In other news, with three days of life and study skills having been imparted this last week during the REST Assured Course (Revision, Exams, Studying and Tests made easy), the Grade 8s feel ready to tackle what term 2 has in store for them.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday saw them all gathered in the hall for three full days of learning, laughter and life skills with Mrs Bridge Gutzeit, who had as much fun as them.

She, herself, learnt a thing or two, as some of the boys schooled her in how to do a rubik’s cube. With topics ranging from perceptions around testing and exams, goal setting, reading to achieve, various note taking and memory techniques, as well as understanding critical verbs, amongst others, the learners’ time was well very spent.  As one learner wrote, “Although it is only my first term, I can say this is the highlight of my year.”

The annual talent show put on by the College Phase is happening this Wednesday, and the public is welcome to support the show. The show starts at 17:30 and tickets are on sale at the door for R30 for adults and R10 for scholars.



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