Letter to the editor by DA on allegations by ex-Protea Pat Symcox


Dear Editor,

The Democratic Alliance is shocked at the video posted by former Protea cricketer Pat Symcox that is circulating on Facebook. We are shocked that some of his stature would post such allegations without having all the facts. It is understood that Mr Symcox is not a resident of Hibberdene thus his ignorance of municipal services in that area.

Here are some of the facts to set the record straight:
1. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are refuse collection days for the Hibberdene area. Thus refuse bags were not dumped along the road in the CBD, rather they were placed next to municipal bins for the refuse truck to collect. Cllr Noah Cele, the ward 13 councillor, has ensured that all refuse bags were collected.
2. In addition to refuse bags from residents, there was also refuse from the municipal cleaners organised by Cllr Cele to clean the Hibberdene beachfront and CBD.
3. The verges of the R102 are the responsibility of KZN Department of Transport. However due to their delays in cutting the verges, all Democratic Alliance councillors voted in favour Ray Nkonyeni Municipality cutting these verges. This was done in December 2018. With the current rains, it is understandable that the grass has grown.
All Democratic Alliance councillors are working their hardest as official opposition in the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality. We could provide a better service to residents if we were in government with control over the budgetary processes. This change, however, can only occur via the ballot box. We expect someone concerned about his area like Mr Symcox would be a registered voter. However after inspecting the voters roll in Umdoni Municipality, where he resides, we do not find his name. It is highly concerning that one would complain about poor service delivery but not want to be part of the solution.
Mr Symcox and all other residents still have an opportunity to register to vote. They can go to their IEC offices in Scottburgh and Port Shepstone or change their address online on http://www.elections.org.za. The Democratic Alliance encourages all South Coasters to participate in Building One South Africa for All.
Dr Rishigen Viranna MPL
Democratic Alliance
Constituency Head: Ugu

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  1. Hardus Coetzee on

    I am sure this is your personal opinion.I don’t believe that this is a party opinion.Dirt is dirt.Look at the photo again.
    That is what the residents,ratepayers and visitors see .
    The big tour bus full of overseas tourists, that is also what they see.That is the photos that will be shown about their tour through South Africa .

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