South Coast Striders hurry home in Hillcrest Marathon


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Sunday’s Hillcrest Marathon served as a good early test for the South Coast Striders who have their sights set on the Comrades.

Nine members of the Uvongo-based club completed the 42km marathon, while seven ran the 21km half-marathon.

The standouts were Goodman Nqayi, who ran the 42km race in 3:03, and the pair of Sue-Ann Perry and Freek Stander, who finished the 21km run in 2:21.

It was a particularly busy weekend for the club’s running captain Mark Smith and Lou Schoeman, as they joined thousands of swimmers for the Midmar Mile.

Both banked medals, Smith finishing in 37 minutes and Schoeman in 42 minutes.

South Coast Striders Hillcrest Marathon times:

Goodman Nqayi 3:03
Riaan van der Wath 3:39
Heinrich Lotz 3:44
Graeme Milligan 3:52
Christopher Mortimer 4:04
Emmanuel Mufamadi 4:09
Raymond Gaze 4:48
Lou Schoeman 4:53
Mark Smith 4:53

Sue-Ann Perry 2:21
Freek Stander 2:21
Linda McKeone 2:26
Moira King 2:28
Stephen Lattin 2:32
Lindelani Itabor 2:35
Kerry Farren 2:56

Goodman Nqayi, Riaan van der Wath and Moira King.

Linda McKeone and Tarryn Milligan.

Emmanuel Mufamadi.

Lou Schoeman and Mark Smith show off their Midmar Mile medals.


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