IFP march for service delivery in Umzumbe


By Thami Charles Nkosi

THE Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) and residents of Mthwalume held a combined march to the Umzumbe Municipality offices yesterday to amplify their demands for better services in the community, saying they would no longer put up with what they described as the Municipality’s neglect of the community.

Their grievances ranged from a lack of housing, municipalities failure to suspend manager Nokuthula Mgijimi, and poor delivery of other basic services.

“Umzumbe community is taken for granted. We don’t know what other language the community should use because people are constantly ignored,” a protestor said.

Another protestor who is a single mother from Mahwaqa said they used candles for light and have to use gas or paraffin stoves to cook.

The protestor also highlighted the hardship of having to get children ready for school when there is no electricity.

Another protestor: “We use cold water to bath them because we cannot always afford to use paraffin or gas.”

Many residents lamented the fact that officials would pretend to care now that elections are drawing near with some saying they would now vote for opposition parties since the ruling party had failed them.

IFP Umzumbe chairperson Mluleki Ndlovu said his party (IFP) had been fighting crime and service delivery for years, and officials only pretended that they were listening when clearly they didn’t care.

Mluleki Ndlovu said: “We are not here because we don’t have better things to do. We are here because our lives are nothing without the basic services we have been asking for from the government all along. I don’t even have a job. Look around Umzumbe area. Do you see any development?”

Ndlovu added: “When last did you hear that the Umzumbe community has been benefitting from the government’s projects? Never, and the reason for this is simple, they simply don’t care for us. All they care about is re-election so that their stomachs remain full.”

Delivering the memorandum Ndlovu said services were currently being delivered at a very slow pace and the reason he was marching today was because he wanted to see a difference.

“We want to be recognised and we demand response within ten days. We want the processes to speed up.”

The memorandum was accepted and signed by the executive councillor member Nompilo Mweshe.


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