Ugu to ‘ensure that water and sanitation services run as efficiently as possible’ over Easter period



As the Easter season is here, the municipality will ensure that all water and sanitation services run as efficiently as possible. All hot spot areas will be highly guarded by our efficient teams to ensure that in a case of disruptions, these are attended to within the shortest time.

Round the clock work is continuing to troubleshoot on the supply systems. Teams have found that water is being lost on the southern main line. A suspected break is between Pure venom and Uvongo Drive. Technicians will be walking this line to find this break and thereafter institute remedial action.

We are aware that the area of Tin Town is out of supply. Technicians have been activated to investigate and implement necessary corrective measures and reinstate water supply.

In a quest to build up the Gamalakhe Reservoir for efficient supply of water to the Gamalakhe community, from tonight the Municipality will shutdown outlets overnight from 10pm-4am. This exercise will be done until the system fully stabilizes.

Teams will check where the problem is in this supply system as the bulk side is enough for supply.

Indawo yase Shobeni ayinawo amanzi. Oplamba bayabheka ukuthi inkinga ikuphi ngoba kunamanzi anele ukuphakela lomphakathi.

Below is the water shedding scheduled for the urgent attention of the Harding Community.

1) Greenfield/Ghost Town/Mazakhele areas will be getting water on the following days Monday & Wednesday (6pm to 7am) and Saturday (4am to 8pm).

2) Business Sector/Domestic areas next to the business will get water 5 days a week that is Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sat (7am to 4pm). NB there will be no supply on Wednesday for business sector and domestic close by.

3) St Andrews will continue to get water daily from 6pm to 7am.
4) No one will get water on Sunday except for Hospital. Sunday, we build up our storage supply for the week ahead.

It must be known this plan can be interrupted due to many technical factors, but should such changes happen it will be communicated. We are reinstalling static tanks across Ward 3 as back up.

Please be informed that the Vulamehlo Plant will be shutdown tomorrow, 18 April 2019 for the Eskom power upgrade of the plant. This shutdown is estimated to take 7 hours (9H00 to 16H00) and during this time, the plant will be operating on a backup generator and supplying at half capacity. Residents supplied by this system are therefore urged to use water very sparingly during this time to conserve water and minimise supply outages.

Areas that might be affected are Hlokozi, Nyavini and Joyisi areas.

Customer patience and co-operation in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Umphakathi wase Vulamehlo uyaziswa ukuthi kusasa, mhlaka 18 Ephreli 2019 inkampani yakwa Eskom izobe yenza umsebenzi wokuthuthukisa amandla kagesi kulesi sikhungo sokugcinwa kwamanzi. Lomsebenzi uhlawunjiselwa ukuthatha amahora alinganiselwa ema horeni angu 7 (kusukela ngo 9H00 kuya ku 16H00). Ngalesi sikhathi, lesi sikhungo sizosebenza nge-jeneretha (generator) yokuqhuba ukuphakelwa kwamanzi.

Lezi zindawo zingase zithole ukuphazamiseka; Hlokozi, Nyavini kanye nase Joyisi.

Izakhamuzi ezihlinzekwa yilo hlelo ziyanxuswa ukuba zisebenzise amanzi ngokuwonga ngalesi sikhathi.

Ukubekezela kwamakhasimende nokusebenzisana ngalesi sikhathi kuyoncomeka.

Ihhovisi lezokuxhumama likaMasipala woGu


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