Bathing banned in Uvongo lagoon



Please be informed that the Municpality will be putting up a mandatory NO swimming pictogram at Uvongo Lagoon.

The sign does not imply that the lagoon is contaminated, however all lagoons are generally at high risk due to the inflow of water from inland sources therefore the public health and safety cannot be guaranteed as this water cannot be treated.

It must be stressed that regular samples are being taken and analysed at hot spots during season to ensure water quality adherence to prescribed limits.

Sphelele Cele.


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  1. If the lagoon is not contaminated, why ban bathing. If the flimsy excuse that all lagoons are at high risk, UGU is derelict in maintaining public health by not banning swimming permanently. Why no banning of swimming at Margate as the river empties into the sea on a major public swimming beach???
    Perhaps the reason lies in the overcrowded and under provided low cost housing upstream of Uvongo beach. Many times the insufficient waste holding tanks have overflowed and contaminated the lagoon,

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