Urgent notice from Ugu on load shedding which is threatening water supply



 Load shedding threatens water supply

The recent implementation of load shedding over the week has had a severe impact on the constant supply of water in most areas across the district.

Load shedding brings with it the risk associated with obstruction of our water pumps ability to provide pressure to higher-lying areas which also has an impact on filling of reservoirs adequately, thus restricting supply of water.

While there is currently a high risk of interrupted water supply in most areas, the municipality will continue monitoring our systems and water quality while doing everything possible to ensure that the impact to consumers is minimised.

We therefore call upon our consumers to use the available water sparingly while we contend with the challenges associated with load shedding.



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  1. Load shedding is for a max of 2 1/2 hours at a time, with a minimum of 4 hours between outages, if more than 1 per day. This is an excellent opportunity for UGU to blame load shedding on their continual inability to maintain a constant water supply, rather than incompetence, inefficiency, nepotism and corruption. This is a heaven sent “Get out of Jail free” card which will be trundled out at every opportunity.

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