A dark weekend on the cards — Eskom


The risk of having power cuts over the weekend is high, Eskom said on Friday.

The power utility’s spokesperson, Khulu Phasiwe, said: “The national power grid is expected to remain constrained through the weekend, with a high probability of the implementation of stage 1 load-shedding tomorrow [Saturday] and on Sunday.”

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  1. Nepotism,Corruption and Incompetence, courtesy of ANC have resulted in the complete shambles that characterises all Govt and SOE’s is responsible for the situation the country is in now. In its haste to “transform”, the ANC discarded all the qualified skilled personnel and replaced them with selected cadres whose only qualification was to the ANC.
    Coincidentally , the load shedding began again as the time frame for submitting representations to NERSA re the increase in future Eskom tariffs is drawing to a close. The entire management structure needs to be replaced by people who understand economics, and power generation, as well as the political will to institute policies that will undoubtedly disturb the majority of non paying citizens and Municipalities.

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