Pikoli: I was asked not to prosecute Zuma


In a tell-all memoir, My Second Initiation, former national director of public prosecutions Vusi Pikoli says President Jacob Zuma’s supporters offered him his job back on condition that he promised not to reinstate corruption charges against the country’s leader.

The shocking revelation was made in his new memoir, co-written with award winning journalist Mandy Wiener.

The Sunday Independent reported yesterday Pikoli is also angry that the ANC never brought charges internally against Zuma for having slept with the daughter of his comrade – an incident that led to rape charges being brought against him.

Speaking out for the first time, Pikoli, who was national director of public prosecutions at the time, says in his book that despite Zuma’s acquittal, it was a question of moral integrity and charges of misconduct should have been brought against him. He also says that Zuma should have been charged for corruption relating to the arms deal.

Pikoli goes on to say he cannot understand the betrayal by comrades in the party and their vendetta against him following his departure from the NPA.

This comes after claims last year by Pikoli that he was pressurised by “unnamed people in the ANC” to resign from his job at top auditing firm SizweNtsalubaGobodo. A newspaper report at the time said that Pikoli was asked to leave after ANC officials allegedly threatened to cut off government contracts if he did not leave.





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  1. The chief forensic investigator in the arms deal is assassinated ! His bullet riddled car hasnt been caught on cctv at his work cause cameras were not working! Police say they dont know who could have done this deed.
    “We are investigating if this hit was due to personal matters”?
    Apply your minds, voters out there!!! Ubuntu and integrity. Where is it ?

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