Everything you need to know about this weekend’s National Enduro

National Enduro and the Gauteng ExtremeX Championship on the same day

EnduroSA & Powasol Eventing

With final track prep underway we are certain that this 2nd Round of the Enduro SA – MSA National Enduro Championships series will be next level.

Shout of to Vikings Extreme Enduro Brett Stevens for all their efforts to bring to us an Enduro track set to test, encourage the next champions and some next level fun.

Thank you to our hosts Piesangkloof 4×4 Trails & Bush Camp for hosting us.

National Enduro is for the top end spectrum riders yet we’ve also catered for the majority those wanting a good day out on the bike and to spend quality race time with mates.

We are excited to announce that Dunlop Tyres SA and their affiliated partners will be doing something extra special for all to enjoy. Make sure you have a Dunlop Tyre or Mousse set and you may just find yourself impressed with a wicked gift.

We thank Henderson Racing Products for stepping up to the plate and backing National Enduro and our Club Classes with some cool EVS Sports prizes.

Thank you once again to Acerbis South Africa for sponsoring a wicked pants and shirt set to. One lucky Club / Regional entrant will walk away with this prize at prize giving . You have to be at prize giving to win it ?.

Please keep an eye out for our new letter and track report which will be emailed today via a Mailchimp news letter.

Powasol Piesangskloof National Enduro proudly supported by Powasol at the event, all products sold at less 25%. Come meet Wezo Wayne and Blake Dunlop and talk Powasol Products.

Entries are open on Race Control please get those entries in fast as online entries close on Tuesday.

Timing done by ProTiming, live results will be available all day via the Pro Timing website, make sure you register before the event its a FREE subscription.

R1400 National entry
R600 Club Championship
R400 WOW Class

We are catering for the following Classes:

National E1
National E2
National Seniors
National Masters
National Highschool

Clubmans Pro
Clubmans Expert (Overall, Seniors and 65cc)
Clubmans 85cc Pro Mini

WOW Class: All comers

We look forward to hosting you ?


As of early this week there were 2 x 4-sleeper wendies and 10x smaller camping spots available inside the bushcamp.

However there is a very big open space available next to the bushcamp where people also can erect tents.  Currently Wendy House Cabins accommodation is full. Camping bookings are still available.

Accommodation Rates:

Piesangkloof 4×4 Trails & Bush Camping


Situated at the foothills of Magaliesberg, North West, near Hartbeespoort we offer trails for 4×4 vehicles, quads, enduro off roads, mountain biking and hiking (unguided). We operate within an un-spoilt nature area. Come test your 4×4 skills in these beautiful mountains and enjoy the day with jaw-dropping views and water pools in the ravine. Self-help braai facility down at our bush camp and/or braai on top of the mountain.

Bush Camp Self-Catering Accommodation:
Back to basics! In the tranquillity of the Magaliesberg we have a beautiful & natural private camping area at the rivene.  Self-catering accommodation of Bush Wendy Houses available and Bush wagons, Motor homes, Caravans & Tents all welcome. Braai & pit fire areas, ablution facilities are rustic, all natural/old school “veld-toilet and donkey showers”. NO ELECTRICITY at Bush camp! Beautiful game to view at the bush camp. Small splash pool to swim for those hot days!

Accommodation Rates:
Bush Camp Wendy House = R150 per person per night (Bring own bedding, cutlery, camping gear, lights)
4-Sleeper Wendies

Camping with own Offroad Trailor, Motorhomes, Caravanning, Tents etc.  = R130 per person per night

4×4 Trails = R200 per vehicle

Piesangkloof Farm G10, Boschfontein, District Brits, 0250
Old Rustenburg Road R104, ±15km from Dam Doryn, Hartbeespoort
GPS Co-ordinates: S25.73186 / E27.69037

Piesangkloof 4×4 (M Els)
Absa Bank Brits
Branch 632005
Savings Account : 9066957373

Payment to be made in full in order to finalise booking!

Maritza Els 084 4090217
Mike Els 084 422 9680


Other Accommodation in surrounding area (distance vary from 5 – 30km radius from Piesangkloof 4×4 Trails) PLEASE ARRANGE OWN BOOKINGS!

Aeroden Lodge – 083 999 3842
Afri-Sun Camping – 072 363 3633 – afrisuncamping@gmail.com
ATKV Buffelspoort – 014 572 1005/6/7/8 –buffelspoort@atkv.org.za
Buffelspoort Dam – 074 344 3496
Omaramba – 082 901 7273 – info@omaramba.co.za
Piesangkloof Bush Camp – 084 409 0217 –

Lagai Roi Lodge & Guesthouse – 074 126 4629/082 213 7100 – bookings@lagairoi.co.za
Bushbreak Mooinooi – 082 415 8171 – wilna@bushbreak.co.za
Feathers B & B – 082 387 5450 – feathersbb@vox.co.za
Tuskers Bush Loddge B&B – 012 258 9904
Serenity Guest House – 079 097 0967

Sparkling Waters Hotel – 014 535 0000 –

Cock & Bull Accommodation – +27 72 026 6143
Out of Africa Village – 083 515 5321
Aeroden Lodge – 083 999 3842
Afri-Sun Camping – 072 548 8884 – afrisuncamping@gmail.com
ATKV Buffelspoort – 014 572 1005/6/7/8 – buffelspoort@atkv.org.za
Bietjie Vrede – 072 717 7033 – bietjievrede@gmail.com
Bushbreak – 082 415 8171 – wilna@bushbreak.co.za
Caza Marzet – 083 274 8127 – cazamarzet@mooinooi.co.za
Harleys – 082 883 8753 – harleys@gds.co.za
Mamagalie Lodge – 084 513 9480 – info@mamagalie.co.za
Maretlwane Guesthouse – 083 455 6966 –
Omaramba – 082 901 7273 – info@omaramba.co.za
Piesangkloof Bush Camp – 084 409 0217 – piesangkloof4x4trails@gmail.com

Aeroden Lodge – 083 999 3842
Out of Africa Village – 083 515 5321
Bushbreak – 082 415 8171 – wilna@bushbreak.co.za
Gracepoint Guesthouse – 082 469 2228 – gracepoint@lantic.net
Harleys – 082 883 8753 – harleys@gds.co.za
Innibos Guesthouse – 083 274 8127 – innibos@mooinooi.co.za
Lagai Roi Lodge & Guesthouse – 074 126 4629/082 213 7100 – bookings@lagairoi.co.za
Serenity Guest House – 079 097 0967
Tuskers Bush Loddge B&B – 012 258 9904



Please register or login to: www.msaonline.co.za and follow the steps to apply for your WOW (one day event) Licence. 
MSA Licences – WOW and One event licences
Please note that Motorsport South Africa only issues licenses via their website, paper application forms will no longer be accepted. Therefore we as the club cannot assist you with any one event licences on the day of the event, you will need to go to www.msaonline.co.za and purchase your One Event Licence or WOW One Event Licence (same as the annual licence) and present copy of your paper licence at documentation.

Below steps for ease of reference on the online system:

  1. You will need to join a MSA Affiliated club – this is suggested as then competitors can then obtain information from the club joined regarding regulations, rule changes – basically keep up to date with Motorsport.
  2. NEW COMPETITORS THAT HAVE NOT HELD A MSA LICENCE – You can register via the online portal www.msaoline.co.za – a link will be sent to you via email. Click on the link and then login with the password – Please ensure that you register the competitors details
  3. COMPETITORS THAT HAVE HELD A MSA LICENCE – will already have a profile and therefore just need to login with their ID number (User name) and password. If the password cannot be remembered, you can request a new password which will be emailed to you.
  4. Complete the Medical, Indemnity and Profile information (this is allocated on the top right of the screen under the competitors name)
  5. If any options of the medical declaration is ticked yes, the licence system will not permit you to continue and the competitor will need to contact Rashaad at MSA Offices.
  6. Once all details are updated and approved – you will see a PURCHASE option on the left hand side of the screen – CLICK HERE
  7. You can now ‘Build your licence’ – please go through the steps of building the licence and choosing the option of Medical insurance.
  8. You will then need to pay on the online system via Credit card or EFT
  9. Once the payment has been made – the system will generate your licence and you can download it from the profile under ‘Licences’

 All fees for the licences and medical insurance reflect on the licence system.

We have attached Race Regs for your reference.  Please note the Programme of Events as per point 7 which details documentation and race start times and the pit set up times.

Location of Event:
Physical Address:
Piesangkloof Farm G10, Boschfontein, District Brits, 0250Old Rustenburg Road R104, ±15km from Dam Doryn, Hartbeespoort

GPS Co-ordinates: S25.73186 / E27.69037

Please bring a copy of your MSA licence, completed Self-scrutineering Form (attached) and Proof of Payment.  This is to be handed in at documentation.  Please arrange WOW licences prior to the event through MSA.
Please register or login to: www.msaonline.co.za and follow the steps to apply for your WOW (one day event) Licence. 

There is a park gate entry fee, we are awaiting confirmation from the land owner – TBA.

A variety of food and beverage vendors will be available for your convenience.

What to expect on race Day! (track prep not perfect yet)
Here goes: (track report from Brett Stevens – Vikings Extreme Enduro)

Firstly it’s a great honour to be hosting both the Powasol Extreme event along with the National Enduro, knowing that we will be compared to some of the best riding in the country/planet (Natal/Mpumalanga) adds additional pressure so we have made a huge effort to put together a loop that will provide a suitable test for all riders combining speed, tech and fun whilst being conscious of safety. Our hope is that riders finish the day tested but looking forward to returning some day!

On to the routes:
65cc – There is always a sense of fear for juniors especially when “National” comes into the equation, as a club based on our Juniors we are paranoid about ensuring that no Junior is overwhelmed by the occasion, the loop will be 85% separate to the National loop with combination of riverbed, twisties, some very short technical sections and some lovely enduro style track around the old farmhouse. The Viking Juniors who have moved up to the Pro-Mini Class have been tasked with setting the loop as they are more in tune with what works for the rest of the Juniors.

At no time will the juniors be further than 500m from the pits so there will be awesome spectating and support opportunities and they will get to see their pit crew a number of times, that said we are setting a serious track and not afterthought so every Junior will be tested and feel proud when done. The loop should total out at around 8km – Juniors don’t miss this one!

National Route:

The loop totals out at 25km excluding the flat track special section in front of the pits which will be awesome for spectators so expect to finish at around 28km. Piesangkloof is known for its extreme tech however in line with National Average Speed Requirements we have removed all hike a bike, ghosting, walk a ledge and bush bash sections in favour of a flowing enduro style track. You should not have to get off your bike, in fact there is a rumour doing the rounds that a BETA actually made it around the loop – in the dry, hearsay for now but could be possible!

We start with a 2km flat track special section directly in front of the pits which leads out via single-track, a short riverbed and a loose Jeep Track climb before turning right to head out towards the 1st set of technical sections, we move through a forest section and then follow an off camber single track to the start of Tourette’s, Tourette’s is a 400m climb on steep slabs of sandstone with intermittent steps every 50-100m, everything is rideable but we suggest looking ahead, planning your lines and being aggressive… At the top of Tourette’s we turn right towards the rock pools and turn right again down “SlipnSlide”, we stay on the cattle tracks on the side down a fairly technical rocky section and then an off camber single track to the bottom of Americo. Turning left you start the long climb up Americo which consists of big slabs of off camber sandstone offering plenty of grip and 3 short tech sections of steps and slippery rock, the water flowing down the right is very pretty and it can be tempting to move down to that line – if you have a day job and need to be at work on Monday, don’t..

There are plenty of overtaking lines up Americo so by the time you reach the single track that takes you around down the off camber section called “Longdrop” the field should be more or less settled, we doubt bottlenecks will come into play. At the bottom of longdrop you turn towards one of the signature PK climbs called “Church” unfortunately/fortunately due to the extreme nature of this climb we only go up through the twisties and back the other side where we climb a shaly single track that takes you over to the top of “Sibanda” which we will be going down, this descent is big chunks of solid granite rock, roots, Sandstone and banks, one of the favourite parts of the loop and drops you down to the marshal point where you will turn left to head up KungFu, again in the interest of speed and sanity you will keep to the cattle paths going up the left side of Kungfu instead of the main gully which has broken a few spirits in the past.

Once through KungFu it you have 10km of fast single track mixed with short tech sections all having multiple lines, overtaking here needs to be done with caution – bravery and stupidity usually hang out together and if you let them loose out here you’ll become an expert on hospital food – but it’s a great section!

Approaching the end of the loop you drop down “Omkeer” which is very technical for the 1st 300m and then opens up onto a 400m long sandstone slab descent, you can go down here very, very fast or take your time, don’t over estimate your talent here, getting a runaway down Omkeer is going to leave scars – both physical and emotional.. Chicks may dig scars but it’s pointless if your nuts are sitting somewhere in the Northwest.
The last 2km is a river section with banks, roots, off-camber and steps, if is 600m from the pits and has plenty of shade to expect to have spectators in this section, it is designed to be fast enduro special style and will be a lot of fun.

A short single track and twisty section behind the pits takes you back to your crew to prep for the next lap!

The Tyre and Mousse combo of choice is the Dunlop Geomax AT81 Gummy with a 110/100-18 Dunlop Mousse.

We thank you for taking all of that in, we know time is limited and thus do not want to leave you all stranded. Please support the sport and those who are working their butts off to make it bigger and better.
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